Welcome to Everything's Fine Vintage – Where Nostalgia Meets Events and Curated Collections!

At Everything's Fine Vintage, we are passionate about crafting moments of nostalgia and curating unique stories through our events and carefully selected vintage pieces.

Established in the vibrant backdrop of New York City in 2020, a time that was far from fine, we set out on a journey to uncover the beauty in the midst of challenges and uncertainties. Through our evolution into an events and vintage curating company, we have expanded our horizons, placing a special emphasis on collaboration with local vendors.

For us, creating memorable experiences involves not only adorning ourselves in beloved vintage garments but also celebrating our community and supporting local businesses. Our events now feature a diverse array of offerings from clothing vendors, jewelry artisans, and artists, creating a vibrant tapestry of our local culture.

We firmly believe in the longevity of clothing and the importance of sustainable choices. Consumers, like us, care deeply about the origins of their attire and the positive impact they can make on the environment. By partnering with local vendors, we not only contribute to the vibrancy of our community but also promote a more sustainable and interconnected fashion ecosystem.

Join us at Everything's Fine Vintage as we proudly showcase curated collections of pre-loved pieces, sourced locally and beyond. Our hope is that your future wardrobe will reflect the charm of vintage, the creativity of reworked items, and the sustainability of locally made clothing and accessories.